Monday, September 20, 2010

Top 10.....

...Places I'd love to visit!

The challenge from Lisa at Skrap n' Chat challenged us to blog a Top Ten this month.

1-Western Canada: I'd love to visit the West of Canada and check out the beauty it has to over. (and visit some scrappy friends!)

2-Italy: I love their food and have heard so much great things about it from my Husband, the photos look wonderful and I would love to experience the culture and the language too!

3: Spain: I've heard great things about it, and would love to add it to my list!

4: Australia: Down under! Sounds beautiful and would love to swim in their gorgeous waters.

5: Greek Islands: I've visitied one (Aegina) and would love to visit more, gorgeous scenery and such YUMMY food!

6: New Brunswick tour: I'd love to see as much of my province as possible and not take it for granted that I live in such a Gorgeous province!

7: France: I've visited lots of little places nearby in the South of France, where my in laws have a place, would love to be able to explore more of the country.

8: Switzerland: Not sure why, but have always wanted to go there....

9: Disney World: Never been there before, would love to take in the atmosphere, the rides and all the Disney Characters.

10: Germany: To visit some friends and travel around!

I think that's

Probably won't get to see them all, but hey, a girl can dream!


  1. What? Newfoundland didn't make the list? LOL

  2. Great list...would love to see lots of those places too! I HAVE been to disney would LOVE it!!