Monday, September 20, 2010

Top 10.....

...Places I'd love to visit!

The challenge from Lisa at Skrap n' Chat challenged us to blog a Top Ten this month.

1-Western Canada: I'd love to visit the West of Canada and check out the beauty it has to over. (and visit some scrappy friends!)

2-Italy: I love their food and have heard so much great things about it from my Husband, the photos look wonderful and I would love to experience the culture and the language too!

3: Spain: I've heard great things about it, and would love to add it to my list!

4: Australia: Down under! Sounds beautiful and would love to swim in their gorgeous waters.

5: Greek Islands: I've visitied one (Aegina) and would love to visit more, gorgeous scenery and such YUMMY food!

6: New Brunswick tour: I'd love to see as much of my province as possible and not take it for granted that I live in such a Gorgeous province!

7: France: I've visited lots of little places nearby in the South of France, where my in laws have a place, would love to be able to explore more of the country.

8: Switzerland: Not sure why, but have always wanted to go there....

9: Disney World: Never been there before, would love to take in the atmosphere, the rides and all the Disney Characters.

10: Germany: To visit some friends and travel around!

I think that's

Probably won't get to see them all, but hey, a girl can dream!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Aug 24th a challenge was posted on APOS (blinkie on the side) to post a wish list of 10 things we would like to buy if we had the money.

1. House (once we settle down and know where we will be living)
2. Car (make it a lot easier to get around)
3. Cottage (it would be nice to have on/near a lake)
4. New bed (to have for when we get an appartment)
5. All the new paper lines in scrapbooking
6. Movies(hubby and I have a collection we'd love to expand)
7. Cuttlebug (scrapbooking embosser)
8. (to get us to Europe to visit hubby's family and our friends when we
9. Boat (to have at our cottage on the
10. More books (can never have enough! lol)

A girl can dream...can't she!

August Blog Challenge

Hello all!!!

Sorry it has been soooooooooo long since my last update. I finished my adventures across the ocean and have since returned home and been busy busy busy!

This post is inspired from a blog challnge from Skrap 'n Chat ( Lisa is hosting a monthly challenge. I'm a little late on this, but I figure better late then never!

I've had lots of firsts in my life but I'm going to talk about a recent one. My first REAL job.

When I returned home to NB I was looking to start my Full Time Career as a Pharmacy Technician. I had heard that a local pharmacy was hiring and I took my resume in not thinking much about it. Then shortly after I received a call for an interview and was lucky enough to be hired with in a week! It was so exciting, I was starting a newish adventure. I have worked in a Pharmacy for years but this was at a new store, new co-workers and bosses.
I love being there Full time, earning money, working towards getting health benefits and all those perks. It may not seem exciting to others, but to me it's the next step towards my husband and I getting a place, saving money for our future and as a bonus I love the job!