Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Aug 24th a challenge was posted on APOS (blinkie on the side) to post a wish list of 10 things we would like to buy if we had the money.

1. House (once we settle down and know where we will be living)
2. Car (make it a lot easier to get around)
3. Cottage (it would be nice to have on/near a lake)
4. New bed (to have for when we get an appartment)
5. All the new paper lines in scrapbooking
6. Movies(hubby and I have a collection we'd love to expand)
7. Cuttlebug (scrapbooking embosser)
8. (to get us to Europe to visit hubby's family and our friends when we
9. Boat (to have at our cottage on the
10. More books (can never have enough! lol)

A girl can dream...can't she!

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