Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sorry I've been slacking....

Since I've last posted lots has happened. I've done a bunch of scrapbooking which I will share, we went to see Jeff Dunham in Sheffield, we've had a sad event in my family and right now I have company!! :D

These first 2 pages I completed for the Scrapbuilders Challenge for the month of April at APOS. The pages are for 2 different teams and are a bit similar.

Page number 3 was done for a similar challenge at SI for the month of April.

Cheryl at APOS is on the Design Team and gave us the challenge in April to make our own gift tags. I made a total of 6 in the month. Here are photos of 2 of the ones I made. These were fun to do and I hope to make some more in the future!

This final page I did the beginning of May for a May Challenge at SNC. The challenge was "Spring Cleaning", to do a challenge that you have not completed from another month or crop. Good way to play catch up. I like the way this LO turned out. I had a lot of fun making the flower and plan to make more this month.

The middle of last month (April 20th) we made our way to Sheffield to see Jeff Dunham. We spent the afternoon exploring the city and even took a ride on their huge "tourist Ferris Wheel" to get a view of the city and hear about some of the attractions. That evening we attended the show and laughed the whole night! I have some photos but they are on Cyril's computer so sadly I can't post them yet. Following that fun adventure near the end of the week we had Cyril's Birthday lunch with our friends at Lau's 202 Chinese Buffet. We had a great time with them all.
His Birthday weekend continued when Saturday morning we headed out Big Ball bowling before 1pm (because it's cheap bowling before 1). I was HORRIBLE at it, although my score did improve after each string. On Sunday we spent the day together and Cyril got his few gifts from me and we had our fancy cupcakes from Fenwick's.
May 1st was National Scrapbook Day so I spent the day online doing some challenges and scrapping my little heart out. Late that night I got a call from my parents telling me that my Grandmother had passed away suddenly that night. It was really hard for me as I was not able to go home due to the expenses and also, my sis and cousin were due to arrive in England the following Friday. It was very hard not be home with my family during this tough time but I also was glad I got to see some of my family shortly after. My family also was great and chatted with me every day on Skype to keep me up to date. My Best Friend also was great to me and even transferred the VHS copy of the service on to DVD so my sis could bring it to me to watch while I'm here. Love you all!! THANKS! xoxo

My sis and cousin have been here since the 7th and we've had lots of fun. We've gone bowling, they've shopped while I've worked. Us 3 girls went to Dublin for 3 days and 4 nights. We had a relaxing day today and are going to watch a movie shortly. Will be sad to see them go but am sure they have enjoyed their experience here! Well that's been my life for the last lil while! Hope all is well with you and I'll try my best to keep it up to date again!

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