Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lil adventure

I have not been able to get any Layouts done over the past week and a half. I did one tonight for Scrapbuilders at APOS but will keep it to myself until the reveal happens. I got some cards done and mailed off but sadly did not take any photos. Last weekend we had gorgeous weather here, for Thursday, Friday, Sat, and Sunday. So while I was off for Saturday Cyril and I headed to Durham which is about a 15 min train ride away from here. We visited the Durham Cathedral which was really big and pretty. We walked the streets grabbed some lunch/supper at a pub called Varsity. Then grabbed some dessert from an ice cream truck we passed.

Theses are some of the pics we took while on our adventure. Work has been very busy, lots of ice cream going out the doors with the warm weather.
I'm off til Saturday so I had a mishmash day and got some stuff done, then I'm volunteering for the next 2 days, which will be my last.
Cyril and I leave a week from today to go to London to visit with friends before we go to Greece. So before we leave I have to pack and also start "the big packing" of stuff I'm not using any more. Scary to think I'll be home in 4 weeks!!!
Have a great week!!

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  1. amazing pics Kelsey!!! Cant wait to see you scrap them ;)