Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm Back....

Sorry I've been gone for some time! Got lots of fun stuff to show off and tell you about!Here are some of my pages I've worked on the past few weeks. This first one was from a Sketch of the Week challenge from Icecheeks at APOS.
Right at home was just something I came up with for these pics of Cyril..what do you think??
12! was a Random Challenge given to us at SI. There were 10 items picked by the members and the challenge was to use all the items on one page. I did it, and it was even on an 8x8! Go me!

This LO will be for my 12x12 album of 2009. They are pics I oculd not fit in my 8x8 album but still wanted to scrap them. I did the LO from a Blind Scrap at SI.

Perfect Pair we are. I particiapted in Scrapbuilders during February at APOS, this the LO for one team while the next LO was for another team that month.

On the last Friday of every month APOS has a crop circle where last months winner gets to post a challenge for us to use certain things on our LO and then they pic a new winner. This was a tough one, Funnygal gave us 9 things to do! WOW! I like how this LO turned out!

FINALLY!!!! Got to go to the Lady Gaga concert on Thrusday March 4th. She came to the Metro Radio Arena here in Newcastle. She sang all the songs I wanted to hear and of ocurse more.

On Friday I got to go in for an orientation at the Oxfam Charity Shop where I wil be volunteering. We got to see around the shop and behind the scenes and get some direction as to what I will be doing once I start on Monday. I'm very excited for tomorrow. I also got a job! YEAH! For the time being it's 10 hours per week for a 6 week contract at Thornton's, a chocolate shop! Tomorrow is my first day, I go there after I volunteer. I'm going in to sign some papers and probably start my training. I'll know more tomorrow night. Kind of nervous but also very excited for my day tomorrow.


  1. Oh I totally missed your Gaga pics - was she amazing?
    You are a scrapping machine my girl! How are you liking 8 x 8s? I have a hard time with them :(

  2. She was amazing! LOVED IT! I still have to put them on Facebook. I'm liking the 8x8 but have a bit of trouble cutting back on how much I embellish and how many pics I can use.